This semester I find myself in a computer programming class. Although my major or minor have nothing to do with science itself, my degree falls under a "Bachelor of Science" classification. I need 15 hours of science to meet graduation requirements, which means taking classes that fall under the umbrella of subjects that I don't excel at. Since I am in no way knowledgable about science itself - Biology, etc. - I decided that a computer science class could, potentially, be easier. My presumptions were wrong and now I find myself unsure of whether or not I'll pass the last class of those 15 required hours. 

When I realized how poorly I was doing, my first instinct was to drop the class and try again on my last science credit with another class next semester, but after re-analyzing my situation, I decided to stick with it. Our graduation map has a very useful tool where it will let you calculate your GPA with the grades you're anticipating receiving and then show you where your GPA will be left if your assumptions about your grades are correct. After some careful calculations, I realized that if I failed, I would be okay

The thing about failure is that it's not all the time something that will ruin us. We simply find ourself not achieving what we thought we would. When you search for the definition of failure it is defined as a "lack of success" and while that is true, we also need to realize that failing in one aspect of our lives does not make us, overall, a failure. And when we realize that failure is an option, it can be very freeing. 

No, I don't want to have to take another science class next semester, and I am trying my best, despite my lack of understanding about the subject, to pass this course, but I know that if I fail this class I am in, that taking another class will just be the reality I find myself in. It might not be something I will enjoy, but it will only last for a season. When we are comfortable with the idea of failure, we can be more comfortable with what comes after.

Failure in school and in life does not have to something we are afraid of. We can't expect to excel at everything in every aspect of our lives. There will be things that we are not good at and there will just be instances where we fall short. Let us remember our humanity and give ourselves grace, because we will be okay, and we can move on from failure and try again.