A week ago, rather out of the blue, I launched a shop here on my site. I don't have any specific dreams for what the shop will grow into, at least not right now. I'm going to add to it, only as I feel compelled to, only if I feel confident about the product. I have some exciting ideas for a few potential products, and right now they are nothing but ideas. if they become the tangible products I know they can be, they will probably be works in progress for a while. so this shop, I do anticipate its growth, but growth might not happen in the near future. 

watercolor invite product pic.jpg

Currently there are two products in the shop, the first one being this watercolor wedding invitation. I've had this watercolor I painted scanned into the computer for a while, knowing it would suit invitations well, but when the opportunity arose for it to potentially be used, every time it was discarded. Rather than giving this watercolor design away to just one person, now anyone can make it theirs. To me, it seems timeless and simple and I hope others view it in the same way. 

The lady and the plant, illustrations inspired by a trip to Savannah, GA earlier this year. They are Illustrations of mine that I enjoy the more than some of the others I've created. I have a screen printed version of this hanging on my own wall, and anticipate maybe someone else possibly wanting it hanging on theirs as well.