sources of inspiration ebb and flow as we go throughout our lives. we're ever changing, ever on the move to create a life for ourselves that we think we'll be happy with. for me, right now, i'm nearing the end of my college career and have no clue what the next year of my life looks like. 

as i'm thinking ahead about what i could do, what i may want to do, i realize i can do kind of whatever i want. i can get a job in marketing, i can get a job at a coffee shop, i can move somewhere new and strange. i am not really scared of what is going to happen in the next year, i'm sure whatever i end up doing will be great, i am just scared by the fact that i don't know what it is yet. 

i'm becoming increasingly more comfortable with the concept that success is not limited to any one thing. while reading Thoreau on the beach this April, i started thinking more about this concept. Thoreau says "the life which men praise and regard as successful is but one kind. why should we exaggerate any one kind at the expense of the others?"

this broad view of success is what makes me okay with the idea of potentially working in a coffee shop after getting my degree. will people see that as a waste? will others view this as me not living up to my potential? maybe. probably. but i wouldn't see it that way

i'm starting to realize more and more that i would rather have a job that is physically exhausting as opposed to one that is mentally taxing. there are so many creative things i want to do apart from a job and i don't want my job to take away all that mental energy that i could put towards some other endeavor. 

also, as i look forward, i look at women who are currently inspirations to me. Jamie Beck, photographer extraordinaire who has a keen eye for beauty and composition and natural elegance. Beth Kirby, who lives out a lifestyle that embraces minimalism, instinct, and slow living. Bethany Toews, who has an incredible way of writing words in such a way that when you read them you feel big feelings; all of her reflections help me realize the importance of knowing yourself. 

i'm encouraged by these women because i am almost positive that none of them expected to be living the lives they're living now when they were my age, looking ahead at what their life might bring. did jamie know that she would take a chance and get a visa and live in france for a year at this stage of her life? beth talks about, on her blog, how she, at 28, had a failed marriage and didn't know what the next season of her life was going to look like following that. she now is a wife, a mother, an incredible cook, and a blogger who inspires so many. and did bethany, in a search for love, ever anticipate that she would find it on an app? surely none of these women knew that these amazing lives they lead would be their realities.

i have dreams and ideas and aspirations for my life, but at this point, there is no known trajectory, and i never suspect there will be, but i am excited about it. this life is brimming with possibility.