recently i've settled into a skincare routine that i love a lot. before this year, i took care of my skin, washed it, moisturized it, and occasionally used another product or two to keep my skin happy, but i never found products that i wanted to stick with long term. often I didn't buy incredibly quality products, either because i couldn't afford them, or because i wasn't seeking them out.

i'm realizing more and more that paying more for skincare products is a good splurge. i know my skin is happier when i invest in quality products, and when my skin is happy, its one less thing i have to be worried about. 

these are the products currently keeping my skin happy:


this is one of the more affordable parts of my skincare routine. i love purpose products because they are simple and sensitive. the face wash flawlessly cleans off makeup, and the moisturizer never makes my skin feel too greasy. the quality can't be beat and i don't anticipate ever tiring of these two products.

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another very affordable, simple product. witch hazel is all natural and i've found it to be a great toner. i can use it multiple times a day and it doesn't dry out my skin. it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and has helped tone my skin, while also helping heal and diminish break outs.

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when i first got this product, it took my skin a while to adjust. it made me break out all over and gave my skin a weird texture, but after trying it again after a few months of leaving it on the sidelines, it has proven itself useful in helping clear up break outs. whenever i do break out, using super pure around the area of the blemish helps it clear up quickly and it has definitely redeemed itself.

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i cannot say enough good things about these products. i'd seen someone i follow on instagram talk about the u.f.o. oil, and after some research i was curious to try it out. i never suffered from serious acne, but i do have some small scars on my face from blemishes from years ago. nothing has never really made them fade until this product. within a week i saw major improvements in these areas on my face and it is something i don't go to bed without putting on. after learning about the u.f.o. oil, i discovered their toner. after watching some videos about the product on sephora's website, i was curious to try it out. i use this toner with the witch hazel and it does such a great job calming redness and evening out my skin tone. it feels so refreshing when you put it on. i purchased both of these products in a set from sephora and know that i will absolutely be purchasing both products again.

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