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this year, i set a goal for myself to read 10 books before the end of the calendar year. i've just finished the first book i chose to read, Against Everything a collection of essays by Mark Greif.

the essays in this book cover a wide variety of topics, some that i found more engaging than others, but all offered interesting insight and had fascinating commentary on topics that i would not have previously drawn the same conclusion about.

i enjoyed how the book read in the sense that the essays served as chapters and within each essay, there were natural breaks in the text. the natural breaks were great because if i only had a few minutes to read, i could finish one of these sections within the essay and feel like i started and finished a complete "part" of an essay. 

i would recommend this book because of the way in which it analyzes different topics. it was never cynical, but sought to give a somewhat unbiased and objective view or understanding of each topic observed. i thought about different topics in new ways, and even thought about topics i'd never thought to consider before.

i'm excited to dive into my next book and continue this year long goal.