lately i find myself scrolling through the need supply site. i've come across some pieces i'd like to own, they're all so beautiful. hoping to order a few pieces in the near future.

need tank.jpg

this need reversible tank is super simple but seems super versatile. i could see myself wearing this a lot.

farrow dress.jpg

this farrow mansfield dress has me wishing that spring would already be here. excited to wear flowy, fresh things like this.

this farrow theresa dress is so happy looking and i love the unique, almost scalloped shape of the folded over portion that follows along the neckline and turns into off-the-shoulder sleeves.

paula gingham dress.jpg

another farrow dress that i'm loving is the paula gingham dressthe tied straps are casual and fun, and i love the smaller dainty gingham pattern.                                             

these seem simple, and casual, but they still have a serious, structured quality to them. the small pin stripe on these hera pants is so classic.                                                                                     

annie top.jpg

clearly i have warmer temps on my mind because all of these picks are well suited for warmer seasons. this annie top is fun and cropped. i love the gathered fabric around the top and bottom.