april screensaver-01.jpg

April has come and it's nearly gone. as graduation approaches i've had little time outside of working on schoolwork to work on things i enjoy, so that is why this screensaver post is so so delayed. but either way! it is here. and it is not month specific, so it can live and exist on your desktop for however long you desire. 

in addition to this being late, i've also finished one book and started another since my last blog entry and need to, for my own sanity, write a post about it so i can keep up with this intentional 'reading 10 books over the course of the next year' thing i've got going. i also have a list of garments i want to do another sort of 'round-up' post for. i'm sure not many people, if any, noticed my lack of posts, and after all, this space is just for me to do with what i wish, but i want to keep things up! i want to be consistent and post often! that being said, things are coming! graduation is coming! and as soon as school is over and done i can't wait to see what kinds of things i have time to create and share on this web domain space i pay for that lives on the world wide web.